Is The Present Educational System Capable of Creating Geniuses?

The Role of Learning Institutions in Creating Geniuses

Geniuses are not made but born, a genius is a person with a high IQ and shows extreme creativity. A person who scores 98th percentile or above on an IQ test or other standardized intelligence test is considered a genius. In the present day, it is easier to develop a genius than in the past. There is vast information in the online space that can help to develop people with extreme creativity. Genius are not created in class through tutoring and exams, and you are not considered one because of passing with good grades. People should be allowed to interact freely with the environment. The availability of information is everything that is deemed necessary to create a genius. Children will, at an early stage, try to discover their ability in specific activities. This is made possible through the help of the digital world.

The traditional methods of learning are very limiting; students are required to wake up early and attend classes. Every teacher assigns homework to their students, thereby leaving them with minimal time to play, interact with peers, and read information of their preference. They have to complete the homework and assignments before the next class. This mode of learning restricts students from being creative.

There are various ways schools can assist in developing geniuses. They include:

  • Teacher-student relationship is very critical in developing minds and creative thinking in students. Teachers should foster a friendly relationship to encourage students to interact freely. Students should be encouraged to ask questions, and teachers should reward those who answer correctly, so more learners feel less hesitant to speak out their minds.
  • Teachers should create sessions for creativity and generating ideas. They can identify a problem and ask students to come up with ideas on how to solve the problem. The more the ideas a student creates, the more they become better and authentic. Thus, the higher the chance of success. Creative thinking is developed through the generation of ideas.
  • As schools encourage student’s specialization, students who develop new skills in other fields of study should be encouraged. This helps to grow the brain of the learner to think of endless solutions.
  • To help students in creative thinking, teachers should lead by example. Teachers should share ideas and personal experience. This platform should be open to feedback and questions.
  • Teachers should often give individual assignment which help students to think and appreciate their peers work.

Following the above, the education system should not be stringent to advance the current curriculum. It write my personal statement should give room to students to exercise their brains in the fields that interest them. Geniuses develop through trying to satisfy curiosity. Thus, schools should identify a think tank where students who like to explore can share their ideas.